The idea behind "Health Arena"

‘Arena’ traditionally finds its derivation in the Roman culture and is often colloquially used for describing ‘an avenue or a place of combat’ where competitive events such as art activities and even wars are held, with the only intention of ‘winning’!
Likewise, Dr. Hetashvi’s “Health Arena” Homoeopathy Clinic insinuates a combating ground that strives to end the feud between disease and health, by tactfully employing homoeopathic medicines as the prime ammunition, eventually helping ‘health’ win!

Health and Homoeopathy

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity”.
The fight between health and disease often turns one-sided when the magnitude of the latter out-weighs the former, the consequences incapacitating the individual.
Homoeopathy is the science, which, by working in conjunction with nature’s laws, ensures that health is revitalized and maintained to its optimum in all the above listed domains
Health Arena aims at tapping this very potential of homoeopathy in order to reach the benefits of a sustained healthy body and mind to those ‘dis-eased’. Our constant effort is to impart treatment to each individual through a thorough clinical and individualistic analysis and processing, hence reinstating ‘ease’, that is, ‘health’.
With this target in view, we endeavor to help you WIN HEALTH BACK…!

Dr. Hetashvi Arya

Dr. Hetashvi, a homoeopathic physician, strongly believes that any work done with sincerity reaps the best result. After acing in academics, she tries to imbibe the same thought in her medical practice as well.
Her clinical acumen blended with her earnest attempts, diligence and meticulous approach to understand the individuals seeking her help, and what goes on in their bodies and minds when they say they are ‘OK’, has been instrumental in creating an atmosphere for a person to be just himself/ herself while interacting with her during treatment....

After her years in homoeopathic practice and interacting with people of various walks of life, she infers and is amazed by the strength each person exudes while dealing with a life crisis! What better synonym than ‘warrior’ can one think of for them?! And what better place than an ‘arena’ to recognize such real-life warriors?!
Thus, through Health Arena, Dr. Hetashvi aims at catering to reinstate vigor in the weakened system of these heroes so that they are prepared for their next health battles that await them!

What can be expected during treatment

  • Constitutional homoeopathic medicine, which is arrived at after a detailed case receiving and case study.
  • Keen interest provided to each aspect of health and relevant auxiliary measures advised, in the form of regimen inclusions/ modifications.
  • Acute situations handled promptly and judiciously.
  • and....
  • .......A heart-to-heart talk!

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